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Welcome to Whangarei, Northland & New Zealand

Northland and Whangarei Photo-CDWe provide tailor-made relocation, settlement & employee welcome services for companies and private individuals located in sub-tropical Whangarei in Northland, New Zealand.

Whangarei Relocation Service has helped newcomers settle in Whangarei since 2008. We know that the stress of relocating can dramatically affect home life and work productivity. Moving to a new country or town with the upheaval to children’s schooling and spouse’s employment can cause difficulties.

Every person is unique. Therefore we match our services to individual needs. We‘re here for you or your employees and will be happy to consult with you personally, without obligation and free of charge.

Benefits of our relocation and welcome service:

  • Whangarei Welcome Packinside knowledge from day 1 to help you with the challenge of relocation
  • an experienced team who will work on your behalf
  • a modular range of services so you only select what you need
  • avoid hidden costs of an unsuccessful move
  • your family is supported ensuring a balanced home life
  • an instant network of migrants and locals
  • problems are resolved before they become unmanageable

Typical issues experienced by people relocating:

  • a heavy workload with a new job, moving logistics and recreating a personal life
  • experiencing culture shock due to unfamiliar or even completely alien surroundings
  • time-consuming research required from many different information sources
  • physical and emotional distance from family and social support networks
  • a sense of no longer belonging, questions of personal identity
  • the need to create new relationships in a foreign environment

We anticipate many of these possible problems in advance and help to reduce stress, inconvenience and disruption commonly associated with relocations. Using our services ensures that there will be more time and energy to focus on private and professional demands and to make the settlement and immigration process into Whangarei an enjoyable one.

Ask your new Whangarei employer to sponsor a personalised Welcome Pack or service!

“Thank you so much for the assistance rendered in getting us settled to life in Whangarei. Your services are invaluable and highly recommended to any new immigrant to New Zealand. Not only were you very professional in providing guidance on questions raised but you were also extremely approachable, friendly and willing to assist. It is the personal touch that you put in that makes all the difference.“ S from South Africa“Wendy clearly understood the challenge of relocation and based on her own experience was able to talk with knowledge and passion about the benefits of living in the area. Her openness to newcomers and the connections she has across the community certainly eased the relocation process.” G from New Zealand