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Wendy Naepflin - Human Resource Manager and Tourism Consultant

WendyWendy has experienced relocation and immigration from all sides by working as a Relocation Manager for a large international firm and having lived and worked in the UK, India, Switzerland, US & finally New Zealand.

With her love of travel and organisational skills Wendy enjoys helping others to successfully relocate and settle in Whangarei, a place she believes offers so much. She also speaks German fluently. Her artistic passion is flax weaving which she also teaches (see under 'AllFlax' in Facebook').

Urbi Naepflin - Economist and Product Manager

UrbanUrbi is from Switzerland and has a master's degree in Business Administration/Economics, he has travelled extensively in around 50 countries. He loves to research and has compiled a lot of information about New Zealand and Whangarei to assist with your relocation and settlement. Urbi also speaks fluent German, French and Spanish (see his ebook 'Spanish language course for beginners and travellers'), and has published a beginner's guide to Te Reo: 'New Zealand: Maori language course' and 'Neuseeland: Kleiner Maori-Sprachkurs'. His artistic passion is stock photography.

“We have also moved to New Zealand from overseas and understand the issues can occur with a relocation. Whangarei is a great place to live and work, let us help you with your relocation and settlement process so you can become part of this great community.”

Our business philosophy:

  • excellent local knowledge & networks
  • speed, thoroughness & communication at all levels
  • anticipation of needs & creative responses
  • client satisfaction & relationship building
  • professional excellence & efficiency 

Our mission:

  • to provide newcomers and migrants a positive experience when moving into Whangarei
  • to promote Whangarei as a great place to live with a good quality of life